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February 21 2012


Cloud computing the latest trend in software business

Cloud computing means the processing and storing of data in or through an outside server. The benefits of the cloud computing are for example the increase of the computing power and saving the data space in for example the companies own computers. Going into cloud can save also time and money, when the company doesn't have to anymore deal with the software updates or buy expensive licenses for every software used.

Cloud computing offers rather a service than for example a software product. The actual software lies in the service providers servers while the end user uses the software over for example internet connection. The most simple model is to use the software straight through internet browser, such as Google docs or calendar.

Cloud computing enables as well the detachment from location and makes this way more possibilities for home office working – in theory, the end user can be anywhere in the world. In practice the security of connections will make some barriers for free location and it depends on what kind of information is dealt with cloud software.

There are nowadays many cloud softwares and many companies have customized services build specially for the specific company use. The most known cloud service is probably Google, which offers services as well for companies. Google services could actually replace almost all office softwares commonly used in day-to-day office work – it has the e-mail client, documents platform and a calendar, added with instant chat function which is used in many offices. But also such functions as accounting and product testing can work in a cloud as well. In fact, many accounting firms offers these days not only accounting services but cloud software for bookkeeping (in Finnish= kirjanpito-ohjelma) as well. Cloud service can be the most efficient way of organizing the IT functions for big or small companies.


Tips for the starting up a small business

Most of the upstarting companies in Finland are small businesses, run by one or two persons. Small enterprise is usually build around the individual entrepreneurs know-how and profession and usually feature the simplest mode of entrepreneurship, the sole trader. Self employed sole trader is responsible of the business with his personal assets and thus there is no separate juridical unit to respond for example the debts. It is easiest to put up, and probably the easiest one to run in day-to-day routines.

When starting up a company the first thing to do is to form out a business idea and to consider the profitability of the idea. The idea can be product or a series of products, or a service or a whole service concept, which company then markets and hopefully sells as well. After the lining out the idea, the next thing to do is to make a business plan which includes the goals and plans for the future. However, these are not necessary if the company is going to run with entrepreneurs own capital. But as soon as outside funding is needed, such as a loan from the bank or some kind of supportive funding from the government organization, these two papers are necessary.

The company needs to be also registered into the Trade Register and announced into prepayment register to get the company ID and the right for billing. Setting up the accounting (in Finnish= kirjanpito) is important as well since all the companies are obliged to keep records on accounting. The best way to deal with this one is probably to buy the financial management services from some accounting company or from some other self employed accountant. Keeping the records on financial matters can take awful lot of time, especially if the entrepreneur is not familiar in general with taxation and in particular the specialities in taxation of his own field of business. There are many companies offering these services, offering also handy softwares to ease up the accounting even more.

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The roots of the modern day computerized accounting

The double bookkeeping with entries for credits and debits was introduced in 15th century by the Franciscan monk and a mathematician Luca Pacioli, who describe the method of Venetian merchants in his book Summa de Arithmetica, Geometria, Proportioni et Proportionalità published in 1494, as a one of the first books published in the Gutenberg press. The book was soon translated and spread all over Europe, and it became the foundation for modern day bookkeeping methods.

However before Pacioli´s masterpiece on different fields of mathematics, a certain Benedetto Cotrugli, citizen of the medieval state of Dubrovnik, wrote The Book on the Art of Trading where he introduced the double entry bookkeeping. It went on print in 1573, almost hundred years after Cotrugli compiled the manuscript and Pacioli published his description on Venetian method of accounting. Before publising it circulated as a hand written document. The reason for Pacioli being held as a father of modern day bookkeeping and accounting can simply be that Cotrugli didn´t have resources for, in those times astronomically expensive, Gutenberg printing.

Pacioli gives detailed instruction on recording barter transactions as well as on several different currencies. The debits were on the left side and credits on the right side, indicating where the income came and where it was spent. Pacioli emphasized precision in recording since otherwise the business man ran into a risk to be cheated by his employers and not be on track of the situation of his business.

Much haven´t change since the Pacioli´s days in the financial management (in Finnish= taloushallinto) – the basic procedure is still the same even though it has gone through slight refinements to make the procedure suitable for the need of the industrial world´s big companies with shareholders located faraway from the actual business. The main change in accounting probably is that in the modern days much of the accounting actions are done by the computers and the whole accounting has gone from hand written ledgers into a softwares and databases.


Some bits from the history of bookkeeping

Even though modern day bookkeeping dates back to 15th century Venice, to a friend of Leonardo Da Vinci, a Franciscan monk Luca Pacioli, bookkeeping has been important through human history. First records of bookkeeping have been found for example on the excavations from the areas of ancient Egypt, and Mesopotamia and from South-Asia. The ancient bookkeeping dealt with cattle, crops, dowries and different trading items, and helped to keep on track for example on the development of the amount of yearly crops. In ancient India every village had their own bookkeeper to hold records on land ownerships and revenues.

Trade increased in Europe by the end of the Crusades in 14th century in such a scale that companies with remote agencies started to emerge. This made the written bookkeeping (in Finnish= kirjanpito) and records necessary, since the business owners needed to know how their finances were doing in faraway places and that their agents in those places were acting honestly. The first record on complete double bookkeeping have been found from Genoa from 1340´s. The already mentioned mathematician Luca Pacioli was the one to write down the complete description of the bookkeeping of the Italian merchants.

The double bookkeeping introduced by Luca Pacioli revolutionized the business and economy and had already the most of the features of the modern day accounting, such as ledgers, memorandums and journals. Pacioli himself stated that by following his Venetian method the business man would always know if his business is doing good or not. Paciolis passages on bookkeeping were soon spreaded all over the Europe and eventually became the model for bookkeeping for the next 500 years. And little has changed since in the field of bookkeeping, the underlying basics still being the same as in Pacioli´s days.

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February 14 2012


Electronical finance managing

Nowadays the financial management and bookkeeping (in Finnish = kirjanpito)can be handled in electronic systems, which are designed to automatize most of the monetary traffic and this way to ease up the bookkeeping of the company. Aside from making the administration easier, it also frees the resources of the company into the core business. Electronic financial management can as well be a tool for the management when estimating the company´s performance and for example efficiency of the sales or profitability of the products. Electronic management will give day-to-day figures and helps this way also to foresee the future trends.

Automatized bookkeeping and electronic invoice are the main benefits when moving into the electronic finance management. These will decrease the routine tasks of bookkeeping. Also the tax declarations, salary payment, posting the payments and all the bank traffic can be incorporated into the electronic systems. E-bills are handy and economically efficient, and most of the customers are nowadays able to receive their bills in electronic form via different kind of e-billing systems or simply straight into the online bank account. The most of the bigger companies have migrated their accountancy into the electronic form and require also from their subcontractors the same.

The best way to arrange the electronic finance management is to buy all the services from the same place and from the same service provider, otherwise the benefits from the moving into the more efficient system can be lost in the incompatibility of the different systems and softwares. Cloud services are the latest trend in the company software development, and financial management is not exception. Most of the accounting companies offer cloud services these days, which makes the work of the company even more easer, since all the software updates, maintenance activities and license handling is removed from the customer to be the responsibility of the service provider.

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Comparing the services of the accountant companies

Starting up a company is a big effort and setting up a business takes time and many working hours. When the business is small, this usually happens as well without any compensation for the entrepreneur immediately, since the fruits of all the efforts will only ripen after some time. Especially self employed people will sooner or later notice how much the whole administration takes time, and sooner or later they start to dream about the old days, when they still were at the service of some established company, whose financial department took care of all the nasty work with taxes and payments and accounts and salaries.

So when the self employed entrepreneur starts to deal with his or her first customers and especially when receiving his or her first payments and writing the very first bills, the first realizations is, that it is just not that simple as to just receive money on your account and then paying your bills. There are taxes, costs, bills, and all kinds of big and small details to take in to account. At latest the first tax declaration form will wake the poor entrepreneur up into the reality of the accountancy. And probably she will finally come into thought of arranging the thing in some more time and cost saving method – since every hour spent on the financial administration (in Finnish = taloushallinto)will take time from the actual business itself.

When choosing ones service provider in accountancy it is good to search for the ones who are specialized in your own field of business. The taxation of for example artistic entrepreneur is a different story than with those who work for example in social services or technology. The price of the accountant isn´t anymore an obstacle nowadays since the accounting is in many ways automatized and works with the help of systems and softwares. Many companies offer accounting systems based on a monthly payment or on the amount of the traffic of the payments. The prices can be as low as ten euros per month, which is quite much less than using your own time when finding out your way through the jungle of accountancy. The latest technological developments involve cloud services, which enable even more efficient communication between the accounting company and entrepreneur or the company.


Financial management goes into clouds

While many companies take now advantage of the all kinds of cloud services and even the ordinary text documents are created in the internet environments, also financial management is going into cloud. Cloud services are kind of same as using for example Google documents or -calendar, and the most important tool in the modern day office computer can be the web browser software. The most important advantage is that in many cases it saves money and computer space, and the tools are available regardless of the location. This in turn enhances for example possibilities for home office working and functioning of working groups which members are located in different parts of the world. All you need is a working internet connection, in theory.

Going into cloud means many possibilities also for financial management, when working over the network enables for example straight connections into banks and into the accountancy. This makes automatization of many functions of accountancy and for example invoicing and salary payment possible and frees this way the resources of the company into the things more important for the company´s competitive and business.

There are many kind of options for the electronic accounting systems (in Finnish = kirjanpito-ohjelma) and softwares working as a cloud service via internet and many companies offer software solutions for accounting or use some cloud accounting system in the services they offer. Cloud service based solutions makes the communication between the company and the accountant easier and more efficient. The questions however in the cloud services are lying in the data security, even though service providers are reassuring that the connections are safe.


Finding a good accountant

I started up my company few months ago and by now I will slowly start to realize that a good accountant will not only save my time, but my money as well. Keeping the track on accountancy, earnings and costs, taxes and payments is a mess for someone like me who doesen´t have any routine of even to take care of my personal accounts. Even if the accountant costs some money, it is worth of it when thinking of all the time saved. It´s better use for entrepreneurs talent to concentrate on what she can do best and leave other things to people who know those better.

Besides, using the help of a professional accountant will actually save my money as well – as a writer and a performer I´m really not aware of all the tricks and turns in taxation, and to learn those will take ages and I don´t have that time. I educated myself to write and not to know all that what´s in the law book, but luckily for me and my decisions, someone else decided to choose otherwise.

So I have been looking for an accounting company to save my time and workflow and got to know that many companies use financial management (in Finnish = taloushallinto ) systems which makes the accountancy even more easier, since the information about the revenues and costs and the whole bookkeeping will go through a software between the accountant and the entrepreneur. There is also available a software which helps to do the whole accounting by yourself, but since I am not a taxation expert, I probably will need services of a good accountant.

February 08 2012


The Art of Documenting

When you are setting up your own business, it is important to seek for information relating to all subjects around new business. Maintaining all the gathered information and documenting it is also in high value.

Documentating all the stages you have setting up you business seems to be a huge problem for most people. Documentation doesn’t meen only saving the receipts and bills - it meens reallty documenting the different phases, moods, happenings and events that matter to the business.

It may take some time but it sure is rewarding in the future. And quite often it happens that when you are planning the future you have to take a glimpse to the past.

Documenting the new business in different forms is easy these days. Different softwares makes it very handy to document and save all the phases your business is facing.

You can find different kind of good CRM -softwares that helps you keep on track of every phone call you made, every e-mail you sent, every thought you had and so on. Best CRM’s really have even an idea management tool built within.

Documenting your finances is also very critical. In this field you can find fantastic financial administration (in Finnish: taloushallinto) software like ProCountor and deal with all the documents online. It saves you time and as we all know - for entrepeneur - time is money. Documenting you finances with a proper software is a favor not only for you, but for all the stakeholders as well. When you are using a software like ProCountor you can fetch any receipt, any document, any made deal in seconds. When a stakeholder or a shareholder next time asks for information you don’t have to do it the long way.

Over all documenting can be done in fun, time saving and cost efficient way. Perfect combination of working CRM -software and a financial administration -software like ProCountor makes business documentation really easy.

As everyone knows who have children, having pictures of them from the day they were born till the day they are adults really matters. Consider your business a baby and start taking pictures – now.

February 07 2012


Accounting software offers the best possible solution

ProCountor accounting software offers the best possible solution for the companies looking to change their financial management software and switching their accounting agency at the same time. The features in the ProCountor accounting software enable quick communication between the accounting firm and their customer. Usually before moving on to ProCountor the accounting company and their customers have been using different systems. Changing to use the same accounting software (in Finnish: kirjanpito-ohjelma) brings in tangible benefits and allows the accounting company and their customer to focus on their core business instead of managing the software and the financial management systems.

Using ProCountor will save you from transporting physical files from the company to the accountant. With ProCountor the information is transported digitally between the accountant and the customer. This enables the customer to get the information they need when they need it and creating their own reports to follow for example the sales and the costs in the real time. But this fully digital accounting software also helps the accounting company to create quickly and easily insightful and accurate reports to their clients.

Using ProCountor the costs are always based on the use of the financial management software. The accounting company and their clients have all their own log-in information to the ProCountor system. Log-in details can either be personal or one for the whole company. The level of access can be easily managed based on the need of the client and the accountant. With own log in the client can add information to the accounting database. This makes the process of data input quicker and leaner and lessens the risk of making mistakes somewhere along the line.

ProCountor strives to give support for all the accounting agencies using their software. They have a partnership program that enables the partner companies to deepen their knowledge of the accounting software and develop their know-how of the digital accounting in general. ProCountor offers a starting package that has all the essential software bundled in with a very reasonable price. The starting package also includes training by the professional accountants in using the accounting software.


Digital accounting software

We have a small business that focuses on management consulting. We have used a big accounting company (in Finnish: tilitoimisto) to handle our financial administration, but now we are looking for a cheaper solution and something where it would be easier for us to run reports and do analysis with. We have been looking for an online solution for accounting and financial management. The accounting software would need to be easy enough to use that we can run reports with it, or they will need to have a really good and free customer support for the questions! I have been reading about the digital accounting software solutions, like in a cloud of sorts, and I have been trying to find out more information about this.

The software would need to be able to handle all the normal accounting tasks, like salary management and purchase accounting. We'd like it to have support for e-bills and potentially scanning of the bills as well. One of the things that I really like about web-based accounting software is that you can put in figures on weekends and evenings, when we have time, instead of having to book time for the accountant at the already quite busy daytime.

I am concerned of the safety, but we are handling most of our banking online, so why not accounting as well? Also I am concerned of glitches and problems we might have integrating the software with our current computer environment (Windows 7). Also it seems that most of the software on the market is billing per transaction (as opposed to the accounting company monthly billing) and I don't know if this will be cheaper or more expensive than just getting a regular accounting company to sort our accounting. Time saved must be a big factor though, you could just type in a bill and it would be there for everyone to use after that.

Do you have any experiences with different digital accounting software and cloud accounting environment? We are willing to give this a try, but of course it is a hassle to change so we would like to get some recommendations so we would end up using well performing and easy to use software.

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December 30 2011


All the Time We Have

How much time do we really have? During Christmas season you realize to stop for a while. You spend the time you have with your family and enjoy life. What do you do for the rest of the year?

It seems like the older generations had so much more time for everything. One could wait several years for something to grow or something to generate profit. One could build a cottage and it might have took him ten years. One could buy some stocks and keep them for seven years - today most of the people are not having them for longer than seven months.

Where does all the time go and do we try to catch our own tail? People get easily stressed these days. Deadlines are never questioned and everything is always due. When someone says that he or she is perfectly happy at work, everything is on schedule and life is in balance, what do we automatically think? We think that he or she is either lying or then soon to be fired. It seems that there is no such thing as perfectly balanced life anymore. Noone is going home happily to just be there and then wake up refreshed the next day. Everything seems to be more urgent and hectic than ever before.

If you ask elderly people about their perception of time and how they spend it and do they have any regrets about how they should have spent it - you will be surprised.

If we continue like this until we are old - we will have regrets. We will regret the fact that the music was too fast and loud, we did not see the birds really fly and remember only one summer out of all the 60. We did see our kids grow but it seemed to happen overnight.

Some things save you time and money. One of them is ProCountor financial administration software. This software is designed to save you time and take some pressure off when doing your financial administration (in Finnish: taloushallinto). Imagine having one week per year more just to be with your family. One month per ten years and one year more in your lifetime. This is what it’s all about. Spend the time you have with the loved ones and let the professionals do the rest.

December 29 2011


Learn by Doing

Learning is a diffucult process. It has been explained through various experiments, psychology and many more sciences. Learning is a perfect mixture of practise and theory. The theory gives the base for learning and by doing things you give the theory some practise.

Learning is overall a fun process. When you learn something new you can do new things. With new things comes always new circles and with new circles comes new things. You could say that learning different tasks gives you the access of everything new. As described before, new has a good circle of brining the good stuff around.

These days there are multiple learning methods. You can learn by e-learning. This happens through internet and the learning courses are held either by date of your choosings or then pre-set dates where there is a live instructor in the e-learning zone. You can also watch some pre-recorded learning tapes or listen to audio records that explain the process.

The problem with e-learning and audio tracks are that you can’t really get the practice you need to really master the task. Learning should result in mastering something and in this case you merely learn the theory.

Looking at videos and not doing anything result to the same issue. You feel like mastering the issue but when you start doing it in real life you realize that theory is not always enough.

Perfect example of good e-learning process is ProCountor financial administration -software and it’s e-learning zone. You are actually doing your own financial administration (in Finnish: taloushallinto) while learning from the internet. They have set dates for different topics so you can prepare your work to match the dates in order to get everything done.

ProCountor e-learning zone is new way of doing financial administration. You basically outsource your financial administration but still you master it your self and best of all you are on the loop all the time. This is essential in learning process as well. If something happens, you need to know why and how it is being done. Remember, learning is all about having fun.

December 28 2011


To Match the first Account Details

Starting a company is full of all this exciting actions. You have to register the company, open up a bank account, pay some money, import your information and much, much more.

If you were working for a company and are now starting up your own - some things may now seem really fascinating and you are eager to do them. Accounting (in Finnish: taloushallinto) is a good example. At first, you like to keep your accounting clear and really see where the money is going and document it all. Later when you start to value your time you will come to a conclusion where you should let a professional do this. Luckily with professional I don’t mean an accounting firm or an agency - there are other choices, too.

ProCountor is an online accounting software that enables you to do your whole accounting processes online. They have extensive training schedules and videos on their website and they are updating it all the time. Free customer service number that you can call anytime. That’s what I call service.

When you will get the first account information and you are matching it up with the receipts you start to realize the reality. Every single financial action you make through your company has to be verified and somehow related to your business. You are in charge of everything being in order so it is also your responsibility to have your accounting processes in mint condition.

ProCountor is also helping start-ups and gathering good pieces of information for starting companies. It is important to be able to ask when one needs information but as important is to attract people to do their accounting promptly and with professional help. Videos are a great way of communicating different topics around accounting. They are easily understood and a perfect way to stay focused and learn remotely.

This way you don’t actually have to go to lessons where you learn the basics of accounting but you can focus and do your accounting at the same time. This is the easiest, most cost-efficient and nerve saving way of doing accounting.

December 27 2011


Christmas holidays with brothers in business

Christmas time is always the time to stop and enjoy. Stop to relax and rewind the previous year. What happened in whose life and who did what where - these are tough topics but if they are being handled with a glass of red wine and cinnamon crackers it is doable.

We are three brothers and we all have our own businesses. I am the last one to setup my own company and I did it just few months ago. My brothers have been doing their own business already for years but somehow I never got the spark of doing all things regarding accounting, business plans etc.

During Christmas we usually sit down for a longer while and think through everyone’s business and try to find good solutions to problems. This is our way of relaxing and bonding.

This year I think the whole Christmas and even the Santa Claus was focused on helping my business to stand on its own feet. My business is IT and it really needs a bit of boost and recruited power to kick in. Everything would be so easy if one could just execute solutions one after the other without any accounting or taxations.

My brothers are both using ProCountor accounting software (in Finnish: taloushallinto ohjelma) and they say that it makes their lives easier. They even have online teaching courses where you can learn the basics of accounting and how to use the software. To use a software in doing your accounting might be very good for a start-up.

A problem with the accounting is not the accounting itself but the mystery around it and the possibility to fail. As a start-up you don’t want to risk the reputation of your own company by not doing your accounting well. I have also heard that tax raids are not so nice when they hit you especially if one’s accounting is not in order.

My brothers told me that I should also consult the sales people at ProCountor or look up for the dates of training on their website. The trainings are in various phases and you can choose a training by a subject. This might just be the best gift of this christmas.

December 22 2011


Taking the Responsibility

Title ‘manager’ used to mean something. These days title manager is added in to every sales assistants title and when recruiting more sales people everyone wants managers. Managers comes probably managing. It use to mean managing people and almost mastering issues, nowadays it is more like managing the issue - that’s it.

Director steps in when one has to bear the responsibility. Financial director might be one of the toughest positions along the human resources side. Every decision of the company reflects on your work and vise versa. Times are tough and Financial directors should have set a clear course for the ship.

How to make one’s life easier. Software as a Service financial administration (in Finnish: taloushallinto) outsourcing. Companies like ProCountor really have managed to take the financial administration business to a new level. Everyone who is responsible of the finances delt within the company knows that this is a time bandit. Dealing with the financial administration and doing somewhat operational tasks on the side can be challenging. Online solutions like ProCountor lets you look at your data close to real time and release some of the time spent on financial administration. Time is something the online solutions are riding on. And not without a reason. You can save a lot of time by outsourcing and dealing your financial s in an online software.

Transparency actually increases when you start dealing with an online service provider like ProCountor. You have all the data in your hands just waiting to be pulled out. You don’t have to search and not find your critical financial documents anymore when they are all in the same database.

One of Financial directors responsibilities is security. Information is these days covered with robust protection. The information that is being stored in Software as a Service -databases vary from military to economic data and is always considered close to financial data. This means that a risk of your financial reports getting into wrong hands is even smaller than it is with the physical documents. Online solutions are safe, robust and you can always call for customer care and ease your mind. Time for slow working local financial administrations seam to be over.


Outsourcing Financial Administration

What does it require to outsource parts or even all of your financial administration?

When you agree on outsourcing of your financial administration with accounting company you will sign an official assignment agreement. In this agreement you will find a very specific listing of all the services you have agreed with the accounting company (in Finnish: tilitoimisto). The agreement lists also the responsibilities and duties of both parties.

Outsourcing is saving costs but choosing a wrong partner in outsourcing might be very expensive. References and good background is good to check up on when choosing your agency. Sometime business partners, potential investor and shareholders tend to check which accounting company you use, then the reputation really matters. There are also some great online accounting softwares that have a lot of customers and great reputation. ProCountor is one of them, having near to 10 000 users.

The checklist is quite long when you are outsourcing your financial administration. You have to know that the accounting company is authorized. When you confirm this one you can be sure they use the accounting companies mutual agreement framework which makes agreeing on everything a whole lot faster and reliable.

When outsourcing you should know how to ask all the right elements. Balance sheets is one of the basic operations of accounting companies. Taxation, reports, payouts, planning and VAT reporting would be tricky without a proper accounting company. Their job is also to optimize the taxation for your company and look into your business from a different perspective. Paying salaries for the employees, partners and doing the reporting of these should be included in the business of the accounting company. All this can of course be done online with a good software like ProCountor.

By this time you have most likely come to realize that all business are required to do have proper accounting in place. The management of the company is in charge of organizing the accounting. This means that the management have to really be up to date of the company's financial administration and be very careful when choosing the accounting company. This is also one of the reasons why online solutions like ProCountor are growing. The management are up to date close to real time when dealing with online software's regarding company's financial administration.

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Software as a Service

SaaS is a combination of software and a service. Lots of the services we used to have in real world are now being found in the internet. Software as a Service means that these sofwares can be used when they are being maintaned and held in most of the times at cloud services.

SaaS gives the benefit of not having to update, maintain and develop the software you choose. We have great softwares that can be used as a SaaS -model. Banking softwares, ERP, mail, accounting softwares etc. Accounting (in Finnish: kirjanpito) and overall financial administration software that is operated as Software as a Service -model is Procountor. It is very popular and easy to use, that might be the reason why hundreds of accounting companies are using the software.

All the data that is imported to these SaaS -softwares are the property of the customer by agreement. Customers can usually demand for the localisation of the data but it is very expensive compared to having it in the ‘cloud’. By saying in the ‘cloud’ is usually meaning some big server compound somewhere in Europe.

Scalability is also one of the biggest benefits of SaaS -softwares. You can scale it by your own growth. This means that when your business is in starting phase you dont have to pay for the capacity of running a big business, which is usually the goal that everyone is preparing for. When you grow you can scale your software up and get enough power.

Software as a Service usually includes training and customer care from the service providers side. ProCountor for example offers free customer service and is available by phone or mail. Training is done via internet. Many service provider upload some training material like videos PDF -slides etc. on the internet and link them from their homepage.

Software as a Service means that you don’t have to have the capacity or power to run software built for big businesses. You can run serious softwares on ‘rental’ servers and get the right amount of power when its needed. It really is the future of Software business.

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Founding a Company

I’ve been working for different companies for a decade now. I have taken some serious challenges and turned them into opportunities, eventually succeeded and then climbed up the ladder. Working for a company, big or small, isn’t that rewarding. Most of the actions you do are measured in growth of sales or similar kpi. After achieving the goals you are rewarded, but still all you get is a bit more money when the other partners get the growth and value of it.

After a decade of creating success for these companies and not seeing any other reward than a tap on the bag and a bit more money, i decided to jump into the world of entrepreneurship. I founded my own company.

There is too much mystery built around founding a company. It really isn’t that hard and usually working through your own company means extra income and as everyone seams to be talking about but not too sure what it means, deductible expenses.

Figuring all the important stuff out regarding a new company is best to start by goint to PRH and registering your company. After that, or even before, you can book a time to Uusyrityskeskus and many other helpful places. They tend to tell you what your first steps should be and how to push it through.

After a while of enthusiastic starting a start-up phase the reality check is in place. Taking a 100% focus on the company finances and financial administration is the key in every successful business. I started freelance consulting but ended up doing some other projects with start-ups and now i own a small slice of quite a few new start-ups. In every investment, every acquisition it is critical to have flawless history. This means having your financial administration done thoroughly. There are some brilliant softwares for the purpose on the market. To mention one, which i implemented is Procountor. They are a full service financial administration (in Finnish: taloushallinto) house, they have great Software as a Service model and they do like small businesses as well. This was important for me, when choosing the service provider.

December 17 2011


Success Makers

The Finnish software developer, ProCountor’s software is a digital financial time of day or place efficiently, economically and easily. It simplifies financial administration processes both internally and with co-operating accountants and accounting agencies. With one contract you have access to all the financial tools you administration software that covers all the different areas of financial administration and enables the comprehensive management of corporate financial tasks. The web-based software allows the real-time tracking of a company’s finances regardless of the need as well as a comprehensive partnership network from which you can find the right accounting partner if you don’t already have one.

With this financial administration software you can manage, among others, all sales invoicing, salaries, bookkeeping, and the tracking of your company’s financials. The comprehensive solution also includes digital bank connections, online billing services both for sending and receiving, posting and scanning services, and the required connections for digitally notifying authorities.

The web-based software can be used anywhere and at any time. Taking into use the financial administration software is easy, fast and flexible and you don’t have to worry about installations, hardware, version updates or back-ups. All of these are taken care of on your behalf. With the help of the comprehensive reporting tools, it is always possible to get an overall picture of the financial status of your company.

The ProCountor software is also perfect for efficient co-operation between you and your accounting agency (in Finnish: tilitoimisto). All the company’s financial data is available to both users in your company and your accountants. A division of responsibilities between you and your accounting agency is easy to set up based on user rights. The goal is usually a co-operation model where changes are saved once to prevent mistakes and making work much more efficient. As ProCountor is web-based, planning user rights and access well is essential.

Tags: tilitoimisto
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